Brand Strategy, Design & Development

Andy Simpson  is a sought-after brand strategy, design & development expert with a talent for creating concepts that maximize sales through a combination of flow, function and customer appeal. Andy’s experience in the restaurant industry includes roles from dish washer to executive-level positions in architecture, design and everything in between. As a consultant and designer, Andy has worked on the brand strategy, design and development of several hundred restaurants. This gives him a unique perspective when it comes to balancing operational needs with design creativity.


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FOoD Halls

I am currently  working for an Austin Texas based company-  MV Amanth. Along with a small band of co-horts, we are building a food hall development and operating company with a model that is very unique to the category and its getting us a lot of attention. The first project is called Finn Hall in Houston Texas opening this summer. We have a number of wide ranging projects in the works and more gets added to the mix almost daily.  Our project mix includes several food hall and retail projects in a number of markets. 


My design work has always leaned heavily toward working on prototypical designs. A recent deeper dive was working with Sushi Maki in Miami to create its first polished fast-casual concept. Sushi Maki is well-known in south Florida, with a number of outlets in Whole Food stores,as well as a half dozen full-service locations. With this new prototype, they hope to be among the first concepts to take sushi to a fast-casual level, building a broader appeal than any other thus far. With a commitment to quality and a true purpose behind  the brand, they have a good shot. 

Another notable group of recent projects has been a number of new locations for Tijuana Flats, named "Best New Prototype for 2017" by Restaurant Development & Design Magazine. We worked very hard on this design and are proud it has been well received. My friend, Larry Ryback took over as CEO of Tijuana Flats in mid-2016 and has continued to make great things happen with the brand. I look forward to what the future brings for them, and am honored that we contiune to have the chance to particiapte. 

Tijuana Flats Prototypical Design

Tijuana Flats Prototypical Design


purpose - Defining values

My  "Why" is to help others get where they want to go, wherever that may be. Its my personal ethos and is also the way I approach anything I get involved in. A consultant that is amazing at helping people figure out whats people tick,  Laura Garnett worked with me to identify what she calls the "Zone of Genius" which put it another way: My purpose is to help others know that they can make the impossible, possible.  Acting on this in my design work means starting the same way. What do you stand for and how does design support it.