You can tell a lot about a person by who their heroes are. Here are a few of my favorites.


Simon Sinek

The Ted Talk Start with why is credited with helping to launch what is now a full fledged revolution that is changing the way people are doing business.  He has written a few great books "Start with Why", "Leaders Eat Last" "Together is Better" and "Find Your Why".  Not surprising to anyone who knows Simon' s work, "Find Your Why" completely gives away his work by sharing how they (Simon and his band of mighty culture warriors)  help organizations all over the world find their why and the results are changing a lot of lives. 

Bob CHapman

Bob is the CEO of Barry Wehmiller which is a multi-national company achieving amazing things. They do this based on principles they called "Truly Human Leadership". At the core of this is their deeply rooted vision- We measure success by the way we touch the lives of people.  This vision is far more than words on the wall.  To learn more about this amazing company read "Everybody Matters" by Bob Chapman and Raj Sisodoa. It's by far, the best business book I have ever read. They also do a great podcast you can @ find


David Marquet

David is a former United States Navy Submarine Captain who, though an amazing set of discoveries became one of the worlds greatest Leader Makers.  After learning a little about looking at the world differently from Simon Sinek and examining the truly human leadership example of Bob Chapman and Barry Whemiller, I was desperate to find concrete ways to explain and help those in restaurant companies enact leadership on a day to day basis. Davids Book "Turn this ship Around" does that. This book explains clearly how to view empowerment in a totally different way.  To learn more about David and intent based leadership read his book see him speak and follow him at


Simon Sinek

You can never have to much Simon Sinek. There are many great talks he has given you can find on YouTube . This is one I like as he goes into the topic of the infinite game. Are you in whatever you are doing to create a sustainable ongoing future or are you doing for a short term goal?


Nick Sarillo is the founder of a leader factory called Nicks Pizza. He owns and operates three restaurants that have some of the best cultures in the restaurant business.  People always say they could feel the difference the moment the walked in the door.  Not only do they have a great culture and leadership, they share their knowledge openly and have even created programs outsiders can attend to learn how to institute purpose based leadership.  learn more at