Authenticity is the easy to understand


"Millennial's want “authenticity” is what everyone says right? Of course they want that, so does everyone else. It simply means to be real and be yourself; don't try being someone you're not. So millennial's don’t want you to lie to them and are very good at determining who is dishonest and who isn’t. I guess those who raised these folks taught them something useful (shameless plug on my parenting skills). My millennial's BS meter is in incredibly accurate. He can spot a phony from a mile away.

People and companies that tell the truth – GOOD. People and companies that lie – BAD.

Simon Sinek (who is awesome, by the way) was speaking about being authentic and asked the audience to imagine one of your friends asking you how they could be more authentic so you would like them more. What would be your response? It’s a ridiculous question, right? All you could say "We're friends because you are you and that’s what I like – you". You can’t ask someone how to be authentic. You either are or you’re not. However, companies ask customers that question all the time. Now I know some may argue with this logic, saying that companies are merely trying to understand what their customers want from them (which is a good idea). But, there is a very big difference between trying to get feedback and trying to find authenticity by asking customers what would make them like you better. It occurs to me that the reason some companies do this is because they really don’t know who they are and what they are hoping to find out is how to seem more authentic. This is a ridiculous thought process. Authentic people know when they are being lied to, so simply "playing" authentic won't work. At least it won’t work in any meaningful way. 

As Popeye once wisely said, "I am who I am”. If being honest and standing for something is who you are, then you have an excellent chance of attracting others that believe what you do.  Say and do what you actually believe, and others will trust you because you deserve it.